Government officials should rely on their own judgment rathe

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Whether decision-makers should depend on their own decision or on the desire of their citizens has been a debatable issue. The prompt takes the position that law-makers should put their own willingness first when it comes to governing. In my opinion, I mostly agree with this statement and argue that, in some cases, taking into account people's opinion has some merits to be considered as well.
To begin with, government officials are, by far, more experts when it comes to responding to urgent situations. Not to mention, they have access to all information and data needed to make a wise decision. Take for example the prompt response of the USA government to Katrina Hurricane. This unfortunate incident has affected many citizens in the state. Without the instant and effective response of the officials in terms of evacuating civilians from endangered areas as well as obtaining shelters for those in need, God knows what might have been happened. To elaborate more, in the case of a national disaster, it is the government's responsibility to take action to protect its own citizen, but not to question them about the best way to protect their lives and properties.
On the other hand, one cannot ignore the importance of taking citizen's opinion into account in some issues that concern them and affect their day-to-day activities. Being in contact with their own issues and needs, local people might provide the government with invaluable consultants to improve their lives and plan for their future. This can be exemplified by the fact that matters such as transportation and construction of new roads and shopping centers are of the business of civilians to express their own thoughts and provide wise advice to those who are in power. Hence, government officials should pay good attention to such people's comments to achieve the best for the whole nation.
Of course, some would argue that there are no benefits to take people's opinion regarding the way of controlling the country. However, it seems that this viewpoint is ignoring the other side of the story. Instead, it is more plausible to argue that both the decision-makers and civilians should work side by the side for the sake of society's prosper and development.