GMAT Tip of the Day: Create a Study Schedule and Reward Yourself

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Create a Study Schedule and Reward Yourself for Sticking to It

Build in an occasional “cheat day” into your study schedule. Do something that will allow you to relax and rejuvenate.

I generally suggest that GMAT students study for 2+ hours each weekday and 4+ hours each weekend day. If you follow that study plan, you should be studying for about 18+ hours per week. While in theory it should be easy enough to study for 18+ hours each week, in practice, doing so is not always so easy. So, to keep yourself on track, create a study schedule and stick with it. You likely have a busy schedule, so you will need to be disciplined and creative with your study time. The key is to find a study schedule that works for you.

Also, reward yourself for consistent studying. Give yourself a cheat day occasionally by taking a day off from studying to do something fun and relaxing. Go to the movies, splurge on a spa day, or hang out with friends. Do something that will give your mind a rest from your GMAT prep.