GMAT sharing (590 ->710), thanks to EMPOWERgmat

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I Have Found Out About EmpowerGMAT Through My Friend. I Have Taken Trial Versions Of Different Prep Companies Before Finally Deciding On One. 2 Things That I Really Liked About Empower When Choosing Prep Company: 1. GMAT Is Also A Mental Exam, And They Prepare You For That As Well. 2. They Do Not Spend Crazy Amount Of Time To Teach You Questions That Might Not Even Appear/Appear Only Once/Do Not Matter To Your Score. EmpowerGMAT Is A Very Efficient Way To Study.

So I have taken 3 months plan and my first attempt was in Dec 22, when I scored a 590. It was purely my fault. I have spent last week studying too much: reviewing every CAT on a daily basis. On exam day, I got really tired and crashed by verbal (V27). No one of my practises was that bad for verbal part. SO advice here - last week, light study, do not attempt new questions, only review old. The day before my second attempt I did not do anything, only 1 hour of light review to boost confidence. Basically what EMPOWERgmat teaches you also...

SO, for my second attempt, I have practised ALL the tactics from EMPOWERgmat: test it, test the answers, triage, SC, RC and CR tactics. All of them are useful and work. Do not worry if you cannot solve super hard questions - DO REALLY DO NOT MATTER. Trust in yourself and practise, practise, practise. Believe the process. I have reviewed OG, 2-3 times. Mistake tracker of EMPOWERgmat is really really good - very useful to adjust your study plan, understand your strangers and weaknesses.

Moreover, they reply super fast to your email, if any question you may have. GMAT is not about knowledge, it is about skills, preparation and mental readiness. EMPOWERgmat WILL prepare you for that.