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GMAT RC Mastery in 10 days.

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GMAT RC Mastery in 10 days.

by Ali Tariq » Wed Jul 15, 2020 8:30 pm
Hello Students.

My name is Muhammad Ali Tariq. I am a GMAT tutor from Lahore, Pakistan and run a small GMAT prep with my team here in Lahore.

To most of you, I believe the single biggest hurdle to get 750-770 is GMAT RC.

You probably have a belief that GMAT RC is a complete hit and trial, and there is no methodology for RC.

What if I tell you that GMAT RC has a methodology and is as precise as is a formula in a GMAT Quant?

What if I tell you that GMAT RC could be your forte in next 10 days?

What if I tell you that you can ace GMAT RC regardless of your academic background, your nationality, and your reading habits?

I might sound a little arrogant, but I have yet to meet a single student who was not able to get to perfection on RC under time constraints.

If you are just starting out with GMAT, keep this harsh fact in mind: Most people who initially decide to go for the MBA give up their dream because of the exhaustive process the GMAT preparation is.

And for most it is not Quant, nor SC and CR, it is RC.

It seems to most that RC is completely unbeatable if you have not been avid reader your entire life.

Habit of reading can help you with just one component/skill that is even not most important on GMAT RC. It is sentence simplification.

Reading in general won't help you much with GMAT RC.
It can help you only with simplifying the sentences in the passage.
But this is not the major skill GMAT RC tests.

It is not possible that you get everything written inside the passage given the time constraints when you write the real test.

Infact, it is not recommeded at all that you try to get everything written inside the passage.

Look, all the GMAT RC questions can be divided in two catagories:
1) Broader Picture Questions
2) Smaller Picture Questions

In all of the GMAT RC passages, there are lots of detail from which you are asked exactly zero smaller picture question.

But the thing is you can never tell beforehand from which specific detail the smaller picture question will be asked.

Suppose, you are simplifying a sentence that is complicated because of the way it is being structured and also a bit of jargon added here and there.

Now, suppose you are putting in use your accumulation of comprehension expertise( which you have developed over the period of time) in decoding this very specific sentence.

But what if no question was asked from this part of the passage?

You have now exactly zero credit despite your awesome understanding of this sentence.

You were barking up the wrong tree, wasting time.

And when you are writing the test, single most important thing is time.

Each second is worth in gold when you are attempting the test. The single most precious resource is time on the test day.

You may argue that understanding of this sentence could help with understanding other sentences and parts of the passage.

To this I want to let you know one thing of profound importance if you are someone who is trying to ace this test:

The most important skill on GMAT is reading closely.

Most important questions on GMAT Quant are word problems. You don't read the question closely, you are done. No skimming, no skipping allowed here at all.

You don't read CR passage closely, you are done.
You don't read CR answer choices closely, you are done.

For SC, you read the prompt for the meaning, but when you analyze the answer choices, you don't read the options closely ( and also relatively when you are down to 2 answer choices), you are done.

Reading closely is also an important part of IR questions, and for AWA, you again have to give it a close read just like you read the CR passages.

So what relevance all this has with RC?

On RC, there is a time when you give it a close read.
There is a time.

But the first read is never a close read.
The first read is always for the
1) Main Point
2) Structure

Once you have the Main point and Structure in place (preferably in 40-60 seconds),
80% of your work is done.

You will now be able to answer all the broad picture questions with 100% accuracy.

Once you can unfold the structure of five to seven RC passages, I guarantee you will be able to unflod the structure of any GMAT RC passage with 100% accuracy.

In my course, I have unfloded the structures of some of the most difficult GMAT RC official passages. They will be enough for you to understand how the structure game operates.

But here comes the really important part.
GMAT is increasingly moving towards smaller picture RC questions and away from broader picture questions.

What it means is that for given RC on test day, it is entirely possible that you have all the smaller picture questions and absolutely no bigger picture question for a given RC passage.

Guess what?
Your structure that you figured out in your first read through is now worth a million dollars.

This structure will now help you going back precisely to that part of the passage from which this smaller picture question is asked.

This structure now works like a Table of Content of a book.

This structure is now a layout of a building which will help you identify the board room, safety exit, kitchen, rest rooms etc.

This structure is now like a map which will guide you reach the requied destiny very easily.

It will help you look at the passage from like an aerial view, sitting on top, everything in your broader view.

Once you have a structure sorted out, you now go precisely to
--that part of the passage by reading closely the key clue words from the question itself.
--read closely that part of the passge from the lens of the Main Point.
--get it.
--match with the answer choices.
--pick the correct one with a smile of a King on your face.

This students is a complete luxury.

Contact for drastic improvement in just a few days.