Bad test center experience - no follow up from Pearson Vue

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Hi there!

I sat for my Gmat last month. I was asked to arrive at the test center at 3:30, to take the GMAT at 4pm. The doors only opened at 3:45. There were 5 others and we were asked to register one by one. However, there was a system problem which took almost an hour for the manager to fix. In the meantime everyone got nervous, not knowing if we could actually take the Gmat that day. After it was fixed we were asked to register one by one - I was the last one to be called over. I was assigned a spot a bit before 5pm meaning that all in all I was waiting for an hour and a half just to get started.

In the beginning of the test I was clearly affected by this chaos and at the end of the test I was getting hungry leading to a headache. I did not take enough food with me to last that extra hour. I was 9:30pm when I got out of the test center with a bad Gmat score.

I followed the instructions on the website to file a complaint. This is how that went:
Sept 12: Me: Filed the complaint right after I took my GMAT
Sept 14: Pearson Vue: We have opened a case and will send you a reply within 3-5 days.
Sept 18: Me: Ok, any news ?
Sept 19: Pearson Vue: we need 2-3 more days
Sept 23: Me: Ok, any news?
Sept 25: 11 days after their promise of sending a reminder within 3-5 days, I receive this message:
We apologize for the delayed response and as per the technical review of your exam, all items presented and all answered without any time loss. There were no errors found in the exam, unfortunately, we won't be able to provide you with any compensation.
I didn't complain about time loss! I complained that I was forced to start much later due to their technical error.
Sept 25: Me: This answer does not address my complaint. My complaint is not related to time loss, I was forced to start way later.
Sept 26: Pearson Vue: We understand your concern and we are diligently researching this matter with the concerned team. We hope to have additional information for you in 2-3 days.
OCT 2: Me: sent a reminder
OCT 6: Me: sent another reminder

I'm not sure what to do. I have filed a complaint but no one is addressing it. Surely it's really easy to check when I started taking the gmat and verifying their system error that day. It is now 22 days after their message of 'we will send our feedback within 3-5 days'.

What can I do?