GMAT in 12 days, best strategy advice

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GMAT in 12 days, best strategy advice

by dgodo002 » Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:53 am
So a quick rundown, attempted the gmat 2x before...640 is my high. Been studying for past two months for a retake trying to know the content cold and working on my weak areas. I've used the following:

OG 12/13 (all the OG12, and the new questions from 13)

I took the OG pretest and post test, and I did above average, so the content isn't the problem (in untimed circumstances)

However, practice tests are the bane (or Bain, if you ask Mr. Limbaugh) of my existence, obviously along with the real GMAT. I've scored from 580 to 680 on MGMAT CAT tests, and 690 was my highest on the GMAT Prep Software (i've taken each 2x, and use them few and far between so as not to repeat questions, or at least remember them). So my question is, with my test 12 days away, should I take a test every day and recap? Has anyone else encountered this and what was their respective strategy? Explaining to adcom's that I know the material, just not within 2 minutes doesnt seem like a great admissions essay strategy.

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by GMAT Kolaveri » Mon Nov 19, 2012 5:20 pm
Review and redo the incorrect ones. Your accuracy will improve a lot.
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by [email protected] » Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:51 pm
12 days is not a lot of time but definitely enough to improve noticeably. You should make a list of questions that you find more problematic (you find them time-consuming or simply you tend to choose the incorrect answer) and try to change your approach to them. Either you should start guessing them instead of wasting time (in an informed way of course, not randomly selecting answers) or try to find out by yourself or with a tutor's help what you have been doing wrong.
Doing a test every day can be quite tiring. It is a better strategy to do one test per two days and work with the OG or the Reviews from the OG series on the remaining days.
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