GMAT 760 Q50 V44, test center distractions

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GMAT 760 Q50 V44, test center distractions

by rootuser » Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:47 pm
GMAT first attempt and scored 760 (Q50 V44) IR 5. Will keep the post short and crisp.
GMAT Preparation :-
Spent 3.5 months in preparation.Initial 1-2 months I joined the weekend coaching classes of Edushastra, Noida, India.The teachers in edushastra were really helpful. Edushastra will help you get your basics straight and help you get hold of all the resources that are available for GMAT. They were definitely a crucial part in my GMAT preparation. Having said that,I personally think that coachings can definitely help you but self study is a really important factor in GMAT Preparation. I went from GMATPrep1(Default Pack) - 710 to GMATPrep2(Exam Pack 1)- 760 within a time period of a month. The classes helped to build my basic concepts in verbal (especially SC) and since I had an engineering background I didn't focus much on CR and quant. For materials I think that anything official you could get your hands on is pretty much sufficient. I would recommend all OGs, Verbal Reviews and GMATPrep Question Pack.

For quant, GMAT club tests are more than sufficient if you wish to score 50-51. These tests are really challenging and will make you suffer,which makes them all the more effective. Apart from all this, I cannot stress enough the importance of reviewing your mistakes. For reviewing verbal questions, check out the explainations of Ron (Manhattan), his advices are pure gold. Will also like to thank the gmat club community especially bb and GMATNinja .

Exam Day -

Reached around 45 mins early than my specified time, completed all the procedures and was taken to the system for the test. My seat was near the door, and the creaking sound ,accompained by people typing furiously on their keyboards, I could was unable to focus on the first 10 questions on Verbal. I almost had a panic attack since I never took these factors into consideration and was thinking that I messed up a few of the questions. However, for the rest of the test I took a deep breath and went on like a robot. I will like to warn everyone and ask them to make sure that they don't get distracted from such things.By the end of the verbal I thought that I will be getting a max score of 40 on verbal. During the break I thought maybe a Q 51 will get me a proper score despite my performance in verbal. In quant I got 2 questions that I found really really tough,(or maybe I missed a nuance related to the questions) but my whole timing in quant messed up. I had 40 seconds for the last question and was able to figure out the right answer with 3 seconds left. I don't know what happened in IR because I thought that it went really well, but I ended up with a 5. Brazing throught AWA, I was eager to submit the passage to see the result. I prayed and submitted the passage to see a score of 760. Raised my hand and went to collect the printout with a big smile on my face.


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by [email protected] » Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:54 pm
Amazing GMAT score! Thanks for sharing your story.

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