From 640 to 690

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From 640 to 690

by maverick2 » Fri Nov 13, 2009 12:32 am
Just gave my exam and got 690. I gave it earlier but got 640.

Not sure if I should be happy, but I feel relieved since other elements of my application are decent. Little disappointed as I had set the target at 720 (Q 50, V36) I got 690 (Q49, V35). But I have no intention of giving the test again. Will focus on the essay and the interviews. To be really frank second I didn't do much different other than more practice

Based on my experience I would like to highlight few things which might be useful.
"¢ Start with the concepts: I was comfortable in maths so I didn't spend much time on the basic, you might spend only a day or two but its essential before starting the section wise questions
"¢ Study on a regular basis: I am working and its difficult for me to take time out of the job. Just one advice study regularly that is even if you spend half an hour daily do that, don't postpone the practice by thinking you will spend two hours at a stretch. Daily 10 questions of SC or CR or RC helps to maintain the momentum and keeps you involved
"¢ Focus on time: Whatever test you are giving, please focus on the time. Time mismatch is one major thing which will make you nervous in the exam. If you don't know an answer please don't make it an ego issue that you have to solve. Make a calculative guess and move on. Also please practice 2 or 3 tests with AWA.
"¢ Level of Difficulty: I did Manhattan test, Kaplan & GMAT prep.
o PS: Kaplan is decent at par with GMAT prep & Real GMAT. Manhattan is unnecessarily tough
o DS: Kaplan is much easier; Manhattan is at par or below with Real GMAT. Real GMAT is not tough but very tricky. None of the available test has that kind of trickiness in built. Manhattan does provide a good understanding
o SC: Same as DS, very tricky and close answers in real GMAT. Nearest to that will be Manhattan or GMAT prep.
o CR: Kaplan is decent, Manhattan is very ambiguous and explanations are too stretched. Real GMAT CR requires understanding of the issue but surely not ambiguous. GMAT prep is the best
o RC: All the Tests make the RC tough just for the sake of making it tough, Real GMAT RC is engrossing but it not difficult to comprehend. In Kaplan & Manhattan Science Passages are too technical just for making it tough.

"¢ Be Cool: What matters the most is what frame of mind you are on the test day. I just observed that practicing makes you feel confident. Please don't try to do everything just focus on limited material and practice well. Also Mock tests are important for time practice and how you perform in the stress situation. Don't give them unnecessary importance that is don't be too happy if you are getting very good marks and too sad if you are not scoring too well. If you are scoring say in 670+ manhattan that's fine don't worry too much. I have seen people who have scored 750 in mock and 640 in real and vice versa.

For me the key learning was regular practice. If you have any specific questions I would love to answer

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by xcusemeplz2009 » Fri Nov 13, 2009 2:01 am
hey man

congrates!! :D

good luck for your dreams!!!
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