INT Applicant, Goals: Prod mgmt, IT strategy Consulting

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I am from a highly competitive application pool - Indian IT Applicant with 5 years of experience. I have an very decent career progression (2 promotions in 4 years, currently with a top consulting firm as an ERP functional consultant. Never been the traditional Indian "coder" actually) and demonstrable contribution in my local community (2 NGOs - continous involvement, 250+ hrs a year. One on educating street children and their parents, equally important. Another, building awareness about carbon emissions in rapidly developing countries like India, which desperately need an alternative). Which schools would be ideal for earning a respectable (around $20,000+) scholarship? What should be my strategy to earn a scholarship? I'm looking at US News 20-50

I have a gap year - was studying for my engg entrances. What should be my strategy(eg., additional essay, bump up GMAT score or take extra courses etc) be for the impact this could have, if any?

I have a low GPA, like most other "average students" in my univ (known for notoriously low engg grades in IND, nothwithstanding my own "contributions" towards my grades) and my GMAT score is 710. Will this help in offseting the GPA? P.S. Wont be taking the GMAT again until absolutely required, due to some personal reasons

Post-MBA Industry : Tech (Primary), Consulting (Backup)
Post-MBA Function : Prod Mgmt (Primary), Strategy Consulting (Backup)

I kinda have a list of around 12-16 for my preliminary research, not necessarily ones with scholarship chances, but with a higher probablity of an interview call:
Emory, UT Austin, Foster, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Carey, Merage, Questrom, Ivey, NYU Tech MBA, Mays, Vanderbilt, Kelley, ISB. Please add ones you think maybe missing , Thoughts?