The GMAT Verbal Section Cannot Be Gamed

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The GMAT Verbal Section Cannot Be Gamed

It’s understandable that GMAT students want to find shortcuts and hacks to make mastering the GMAT easier. But the sooner students realize that the GMAT Verbal can’t be gamed, the better off they are in their GMAT prep, because they can start doing the real work of building their GMAT Verbal skills.

GMAT writers don’t make answering Verbal questions as simple as memorizing a list of “bad” words or picking the shortest sentence out of a lineup. In general, we should be wary of GMAT Verbal “hacks” that don’t require any actual Verbal skill or knowledge — the things that the GMAT tests.

In general, gimmicky GMAT Verbal strategies may be able to take you from a very low Verbal score to a mediocre one. However, beyond that, these hacks are a gamble. So, don’t gamble with your GMAT score!

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