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Profile Evaluation

by aniket_mishrikotkar » Thu Apr 19, 2018 6:25 am
10th - 90%
12th - 85%
B.E in Computer Science - 8.08 CGPA
Work Ex - 26 months as Software Developer

Extra Curriculars - Blogging, Volunteering in an NGO, YouTube channel and manage social media activities of NGO

Started a startup to provide household services in our society but eventually was not able to generate revenue and failed.

Interested in Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

GMAT score - 740

I want to apply for ISB R1. What do yo say? [/b]


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by MargaretStrother » Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:44 am
Your "numbers" are good -- great GPA, great GMAT. However, you seem a bit young for a program where the average work experience is five years. So you'll need strong, well-defined goals and deep research into the school in order to convince them that you're ready for the ISB experience.
The other thing to be thinking about is how you stand out from others with similar backgrounds: the ISB essay question asks, in essence, "Why should we pick YOU?", and you'll need to be able to bring some experiences or biographical details to this essay that will differentiate you from the pack and add value.
I'm not doubting that you have these kinds of experiences, they just were not particularly visible in the profile evaluation you posted. So you might think more about that aspect of ISB's admissions process in order to be optimally competitive -- what I see here looks fine so far, we just need more.

Good luck!
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