evaluate my profile. thanks in advance

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evaluate my profile. thanks in advance

by Dungeon_mazter » Thu Mar 11, 2021 10:04 am
i am from India 22, Male

undergrad (Btech mechanical engineering)-70.13% ( but i have a history of 20 backlogs and completed my Btech in 4.5 years, this happened because i took a branch that i hated and suffered but cant do anything now whatever happened happened.)

GMAT score 710
IELTS band 7

2 months in Adani Power as a graduate trainee

community service
1)Volunteered for a fund raising for Muskurahat foundation
2) 6 months of volunteer in Blinds men's association India
3) 6 months as a wish granter in Make a wish India foundation

Sports achievements

1) i represented my school in football u-19 at state level
2) i was also a part of my school's u-16 Cricket team and went to participate at state level
3) i also represented my school in Lawn tennis at state level
4) 5+ Inter house medals in athletics (during my school time)

acad achievements
1)secured 1st rank in Jawaharlal Nehru Science Exhibition at state level
2)participated and represented KVS gujarat region at Jawaharlal Nehru Science Exhibition and secured 4th position at national level
3) completed tritiya sopan in bharat scouts and guides

1) chartered Financial Analyst(CFA) level 1 certified
below are the certifications i completed from the national institute of securities market
1)NISM Series-XII: Securities Markets Foundation Certification Examination- 90% marks
2)NISM-Series-XVIII: Financial Education Certification Examination-92% marks
3)NISM Series-XV: Research Analyst Certification Examination-96% marks

completed below NPTEL courses which is a AICTE recognised certification
FInancial institution and markets course- 83% marks

Extra experiences that i think are worth noting
1) I am doing freelancing from the last 1 year at freelancer.com and am working as a content writer there
2) Worked as a subject expert and content writer for a company "umra tech solutions" ( this too was a freelancing work)
3) I have a instagram page which i opened as hobby. its all about security markets. there i post educational content. i do this out of passion
4) I have completed till praveshika purna exam in playing tabla which is given by people who are learning for 4+ years

what are my best shot with this profile?

any top colleges i can apply?
my choice of course is MIM


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Hi there!
You've got a lot of great data here -- involvement in college, community service, CFA. Your profile aligns pretty well with a top US Masters in Management program such as the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business. It's actually good that your BTech took 4+ years, because many Indian degrees are granted in three years and some US business schools do require four years of study. So while that sounds like a set-back to you at the time, it may be a blessing in disguise!

Your work experience looks a bit spotty, but for these programs, which prefer less post-undergrad work experience than an MBA program, it will be just about where it needs to be.

It would help me assess your candidacy more if I knew what your career aspirations are post MIM, and whether you want to study in the US, Europe/Asia, or India. There are a lot of options out there, so it's good to narrow your target and then research more deeply into smaller number of schools.
But at first glance, you do look like you could do well in a top MiM program.

Good luck!
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It's interesting, thanks!