Should I retake my GMAT?

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Should I retake my GMAT?

by bjcoolj » Sat Aug 08, 2009 3:48 pm
I took GMAT twice.

1. 700/90th percentile - Q49/88th percentile V37/81th percentile

I received mixed responses about my score from the admissions consultants so I retook GMAT today and received following score.

2. 730/96 percentile - Q49/87th percentile V40/89th percentile

Although I did improve my score, I am not sure this is enough. I read somewhere on the board that you would want 750 for top U.S. MBA programs.

I'm also worried that my GPA (3.0) is not that attractive and my work experience as environmental engineer (5 years at a small consulting firm) doesn't really measure up to those of other candidates who worked at well-known institutions or global companies.

If I think I can improve my score, should I retake the GMAT?

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by erins » Sun Aug 09, 2009 10:56 am
Hi -

Congrats on a great GMAT score!

With a score of 730 and 87/89th percentiles in both quant and verbal, there shouldn't be any reason to take the GMAT again. This score is above the means/medians for even the top programs and it is very unlikely that you would not be accepted into the program of your choice because of your score. Further, your solid showing will help mitigate your GPA, which while may be below average, is not so low that it is a major reason for concern.

I would suggest spending your time on your essays, making sure that they highlight what makes you unique both professionally and personally. Remember, a well-known institution or global company is not necessary, what truly matters is the quality of your experience and making sure that shines through in your essays/recommendations/resume. Further, spending time getting to know your target programs via school visits, conversations with current students/alumni is also an important (and time consuming) facet of the application process. Put the GMAT behind you and move on to the next steps.

I hope this helps.
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by bjcoolj » Tue Aug 11, 2009 11:22 pm
thank you for a detailed response. I really appreciate it.