Please Evaluate My Profile (Thanks in Advance!!!)

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by VP_MBA_Guru » Tue May 27, 2008 11:32 am
Hi Moon,

Thanks for your post. Unfortunately I dont know too much about MBA programs outside of the US. So, it would be difficult for me to comment on your profile. I would urge you to do some more research of programs via school's websites and even MBA Admissions books (I recommended a few in previous posts)

A few points of feedback -

1. Since your GPA is a little low, try to score as high as possible on the GMAT to counter any concerns of your ability to handle the academic rigor of the MBA program. You should shoot for the higher range of a school's GMAT average range.

2. The key with recommenders is to find people who can best sell your candidacy - those are often people who you have worked with closely and can speak to your strengths. While titles (and their accomplishments) are important, they don't trump the content of the recommendation.

3. Do you have a sense of your short term and long term career goals? Do you want to stay in the US or work internationally? This might help you narrow down which schools (at least in the US) make sense for you.

Feel free to post more questions - glad to help you out.


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