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Hey everyone,

A little about myself:
So I am currently in my fourth year of engineering, and will be passing out in April 2019.
Over the past four years, I've worked on multiple projects and have started my own start-up (e-commerce website).

I recently received offers from the following universities and programmes:

Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship - ESADE
MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management - Imperial College London
Strategy and International Management (SIM) - University of St.Gallen

I am facing a tough decision and I would appreciate some feedback on the universities.

My father wants me to come back to India and help him manage the family business. So staying back and working is not an option for me.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I really appreciate your advice!

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by Abhyank » Wed Jul 03, 2019 10:37 pm
Hey there,

Masters in Entrepreneurship caters to highly-motivated top achieving graduates looking to become future entrepreneurs. If you are interested in laying down a foundation in business or want to work in a startup, this degree is going to be extremely helpful regardless from where to do the Master's Program (Imperial, St.Gallen or ESADE).
So it totally depends upon your career goals and what you want to bring out of your Master's program, If you already have a background in Entrepreneurship with some work experience you can go for the university that best matches the curriculum and resources offered.Again, all the three universities are quite similar in terms of education and employment opportunities.
But if we go with the overall worldwide reputation and student campus life, St.Gallen is an ideal choice. In terms of resources, St.Gallen provides enormous opportunities for the student to get involved in various networking events, conferences, workshops, etc. Also, the Masters in Management offered by St.Gallen ranks 1st worldwide, hence becoming the first choice for students.

The course offered by Imperial is one year full time program that is acknowledged globally for its excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship. The curriculum includes internships and projects which makes easier for the students to get into the job market. Also,if you are going for Imperial business school it would be recommended to have a year experience after you have completed your masters.

If you want to pursue Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship and are open to learning a new language ESADE can be a good choice. Apart from great curriculum they also offer professional development programme which helps students to get into the job market.

Of Course, it depends upon the resources you are looking for Masters in Entrepreneurship, whether it's ranking, coursework ,internships, alumni network, projects or research work. Though St.Gallen and Imperial are equally good and there is no such strong reason why you should go with either of them. But if you are looking forward to work back in India ESADE would be a better choice for you as the tuition fees for ESADE is € 41,000. It would also be recommended to you to gain some work experience for sometime in the respective country before coming back to India. It will help you to gain some exposure on how things work in that sector and you can later on use the same skills when you come back to India.

Hope this helped !
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