QS Apply 2020 is a joke

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QS Apply 2020 is a joke

by savant.symonds » Fri Jun 28, 2019 6:56 am
I was following the QS Apply 2020 feed across their social media channels, and it seems the QS people taking the interviews for these panels are their sales people!!!! :D :D

Atleast the likes of poetsandquants have the decency to send good old John Byrne to go and record the sessions. QS is sending their sales fellows. What a charade and a cheating set of events. BTW, my phone hasn't stopped ringing ever since I registered for one of their Apply 2020 events. Even after i told them not to call me, the calls don't stop.

Check out the guy interviewing the panels. He is some random sales guy who hasn't even gone to a business school. I checked his online profile and its very shady. he seems to have become a VP from a Director!! :D :D

Such events have become a joke on us MBA aspirants who are really finding it difficult to get some quality information. Innumerable data traffickers are feasting on our challenges and taking us for a ride through such online events. What a scam. I attended QS events and told my friends to attend them too, but after seeing this I will never ask anyone to attend QS events. What a bunch of jokers :x :x