Profile evaluation and School selection

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Profile evaluation and School selection

by » Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:08 am
Kindly, assess my profile and suggest school

Indian Age 33
B. Tech Mechanical (top tier) CGPI 5.5/10
Work ex:
1 yr as Marketing engineer with Thermal Power Plant machinery manufacturing company
4 yr as Project Manger with Steel making company was involved in setting up key process plants for iron steel making
1 yr: worked with Solat PV power generation company as Manager technology looking into improvement of mechanical/civil design of existing structures and hunting for new sustainable technologies globally.
1.5 yrs: Joined a technology startup - started by one college mate, a friend too- as Head of Strategy; Brainstorming on business concept, Market research, App development (wireframing)etc.
Last 1.5 yr: officially unemployed; a tragic thing happened to my family, miscarriage after multiple attempts. Though both of us were devastated, but my wife got severely hit,: she went in a shell and just cut herself from all social circle. I just listened to my instincts and quit startup to try help her get back to normal life. Because I felt that my professional skills needed refining and start-up needed an MBA insight more than a industrial professional, I started preparing for gmat
GMAT 1: 600(Q44, V30)
GMAT 2: 660 ( V48, V32)

Extracurricular :
Actively participated in Dramatics events, played lead roles too.
Participated in robotics tournament back in college
Love Sketching and singing
Passionate about photography: capture wildlife and nature in and around places I visit

I am very doubtful as in how should I present myself - considering low CGPA and job gap- in MBA applications (for 2020 Intake) for RSM (Netherlands), Smeal (Penn State, US), Emory (US), Univ St. Gallen(Switzerland), Warwick Business School (UK)
Also, Please suggest any other B-schools as per my profile.