5 Common Mistakes in Choosing College for Quantity Surveying

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As young adolescents, making a decision that will determine your future is a very difficult task. While selecting the college for pursuing quantity surveying, you have to ponder over an infinite list of factors and options.

If you are not careful, this complex process may push you into making a hasty decision. To make this process a cakewalk for you, here are 5 of the top mistakes students typically make before deciding on a college for pursuing the quantity surveying masters degree.

1. Rushing to choose a college
One major mistake you can make is rushing to make a decision on which college to choose. This rushing can backfire horribly, especially if you select the college you become greatly uninterested in. Keep in mind that you are investing your time and money and pouring a lot of effort into something that will determine your position in the quantity surveying industry. Hence, take enough time to think it through instead of making an impulsive decision.

2. Choosing where your friends are studying
Without a doubt, your peers or friends play a vital part in your decision of selecting the college. Your goals and aspirations may not necessarily align with your friends and hence you need to indulge in a separate decision-making process for your good sake. Your friends may be interested in getting a college that is far/near from home or which does not focus much on students’ lives. It’s crucial to decide for yourself what you want and what works best for you. So not let yourself succumb to peer pressure. Otherwise, you may struggle in making an excellent career as a quantity surveyor.

3. Not doing thorough research
Failing to plan is planning to fail! It is crucial that you do your homework and gather as much information as possible to make the final decision. Consider factors, such as course structure, programme fees, quality of faculty, learning environment, practical exposure, etc. All this information plays a vital role as it will be laying a foundation for your career. If required, consult with experts, call certain colleges to get detailed information.

4. Not understanding the course structure
Have you found out everything that you needed to know about quantity surveying courses? Do you know each college has its own detailed curriculum. Before making a final choice, make sure to fully understand the exam structure, syllabus, intakes, and duration. You do not want to be caught by any surprises in the middle of the quantity surveying course. Get admission into a college, make sure it fully matches your purpose and meets all requirements.

5. Not Evaluating the ROI
Surely, course structure, duration, fees, etc. matters but one more thing that matters the most is finding the return on your investment. Enrolling in a college that is not recognized globally or does not impart the required knowledge would be a waste of your resources. One safe decision you can make is considering the top quantity surveying colleges, finding their brand worth, their connections in the industry, all of which will help to ease your career-making process.

One college that is popular among quantity surveying aspirants is the RICS School of Built Environment (RICS SBE). This college provides RICS Accredited quantity surveying courses - is benchmarked with international teaching and education standards. Visit the website of RICS SBE to know more about how it can help you to achieve your dream role in the quantity surveying field and how it shapes a student in the best possible manner.
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Thanks Vinod for such an informative post. It will definitely add value to my college search. Keep posting such informative knowledge which will give added advantage.

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