EmpowerGMAT: +60 Points: 660 To 720 (Q47, V41)

Find out how Beat The GMAT members tackled GMAT test prep with positive results. Get tips on GMAT test prep materials, online courses, study tips, and more.
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+60 Points: 660 To 720 (Q46, V41)

I Signed Up To Empower GMAT After My 1st Trial Of Taking The GMAT And Scoring 660 (Q40, V40). My Aim Was To Get Above 700 Points As This Would Unlock The Entry Into The University Of My Dreams, As Well As The Needed Funding!

Here Are The Three Top Reasons Why Empower GMAT Helped Me:

1) Avoids Boredom: This Sounds Super Trivial, But After Having Studied For 4 Months In A Row And Then Not Getting The Score I Wanted, I Felt Demotivated And Frankly A Little Fed Up With Reading About The Latest Innovation In Protein Synthesis (Bless All Biologists Who Read This). Through Its Mix Of Podcasts, Videos And Exercises The Course Uniquely Achieves To Keep You Motivated. As The GMAT Is A Marathon, This Was Key!

2) Provides GMAT Hacks: Empower GMAT Has So Many Proprietary Tips And Tricks That Other Courses Like Magoosh Or More Official Sources Like The Manhattan Guides Or The Official Guide Just Do Not Have. Something Like Triaging (I.E. Educated Guesses), RC Tables Or In-Depth Explanations Of Why Hard Questions Just Do Not Matter, Helped Me Tremendously During Test Day.

3) Quality Explanations: What I Loved About The Course Is That Each Problem You Tackle Is Supplemented By A 3-5min Video That Gives A Step-By-Step Explanation Of How To Solve The Problem. Now… You Might Not Need To Watch All Of Them, But They Are There In Case You Want To Have A More Detailed Explanation, Which Is Oftentimes Very Useful And Definitely So Much More Engaging Than Reading An Explanation In The Back Of Your Official Guide.