Economist GMAT - Quant - How accurate is the practice test

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I have been trying to improve my quant score but I keep on getting a low score on the economist practice test. On the last test I got a score of 35 (34th percentile). I have attached a screen shot that shows the order of questions I got right and wrong. By looking at the number of questions I got right it seems like my score should be higher. I am not sure if it is just me or perhaps the practice test is showing an inaccurate score. I understand it is difficult to provide any real feedback based on the order of questions I got right and wrong as the screen shot does not show how hard the question were. However anything would help. With the exception of the beginning I did not get more than 2 questions wrong in an order. Also in the middle there is a stretch where I did really well so I am assuming the test started to give me harder questions there and I still got it I am a little confused with my score. If I gotten 2-3 more questions correct would that have dramatically pushed my score higher?...I understand the test is adaptive so would be difficult to really know for sure :)

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