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I know one thing about GMAT Focus studying — it can be grueling!

Also, in the grand scheme of things, I understand why you may want to choose other aspects of your life over GMAT Focus studying. Here’s the thing. Your daily level of dedication, motivation, and discipline will bring you either closer to or further away from your GMAT Focus goal.

So, to ensure you are always inching toward your goal, don’t let too many days pass without studying GMAT Focus Quant. Sure, I get it: if you study hard for a few weeks straight, then you may want to give yourself a cheat day. Just don’t let one day turn into two or even into weeks! Pull out your flashcards for a quick review session even when you don’t feel like studying. Keeping your GMAT Focus prep front and center will ensure that you constantly progress toward GMAT Focus Quant success.

Remember, the time you spend studying to get a great GMAT Focus score is an investment that will pay big dividends for the rest of your life.

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Scott Woodbury-Stewart
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