Do I have a chance???

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Do I have a chance???

by ecz.ozgeuyanik » Thu May 08, 2008 4:02 am

I have some questions to ask:

My profile:
27 years old… Eurasian Female… MSc. Pharmacist…
GMAT: 700 (50 %95 V34 %70) Overall %90
Undergrad: Istanbul University Phaculty of Pharmacy GPA: 3,98 / 4,00
Grad: Istanbul University Phaculty of Pharmacy Department of Pharmacology GPA: 95/ 100 (Position: Director of the thesis project and my thesis will be published in a scientific journal next year)
Work experience: 6 months so far…
Social Activity: Will start teaching children about health issues in a famous foundation this summer…

Planning to apply for 2010 September…

Dream schools:

1. Wharton ( I know it’s a bit hard but I’ll try my chance) 2. Columbia 3. Cornell 4. NYU 5. Duke 6. Darden 7. Kellogg 8. Chcago (I know this is also hard)

Here are my questions:

1. Could you please evaluate my profile… Do you think I can be a competitive candidate for 2010 September?
2. Is that true that top ten schools demand at least %80 percentile in both Q and V part of GMAT? If it's will my V score (%70) cause a problem for me? What is your advise about it?
3. Can we count grad degree experience as work experience? If we can I'll have a 3,5 years of work experience in 2009… It’ll be perfect…
4. What is your advice about applicaton procedures? What should I take care most?
5. If you think any school that should be in my list, could you please offer?
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by VP_MBA_Guru » Thu May 08, 2008 10:26 am

Thanks for your post! Overall, you have good credentials and should be competitive for the schools listed below. As you know, there are many factors that influence the admission process, so its always difficult to truly gauge one's candidacy based on their profile. But to your questions...

1. Based on your profile, I think you are competitive for the schools mentioned. You have the right stats (700 GMAT, high GPA) and have an interesting/non-traditional background which could help differentiate yourself from other applicants. I am curious as to your work experience and post-MBA career goals; as they are also very important.

2. There are NO set rules for GMAT scores/% - we all know candidates with perfect GMAT scores who were denied and those with below average GMAT scores who were accepted. Obviously you want to get the highest score possible, but it is not an absolute deal breaker. Regarding your V score - AdCom will also look at your GPA to determine your qualitative skills.

3. I do not believe AdCom considers grad school as work experience. However you could discuss school projects and how you demonstrated leadership/team skills. For example, a MD client of mine wrote a few of her b-school essays on projects she worked on while in school. Something to consider.

4. Start interacting with the schools now. Attend information sessions, network with alumni, campus visits (although might be too early if you are applying in 2010). Get a feel for the schools and program. Also, plan on applying in Round 1. Since you have time, make sure you get your applications in early!

One thing to consider - if you are worried about your GMAT V score, you could take a distance learning class from a top program. Maybe an English class? To be honest, I am not sure what would be applicable (unlike quant skills. If you have a low GMAT M score, you could take Stats, Calculus, Accounting to demonstrate your analytical ability).

5. Not sure how you arrived at the schools listed (all great schools!), but consider reading an MBA Admission book - which have good summaries the top schools. Might help you refine your list. Also consider international schools, as many have joint programs with top US schools.

Side note - I am a big fan of the Admissions books - they give you a great overview of the admissions process. My favorites are: How to Get Into Top MBA Programs by Richard Montauk; and Your MBA Game Plan by Omari Bouknight (full disclosure - I work with Veritas Prep, which is affilated with the book)

Hope this helps! Good luck -

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