Develop Strong GMAT Verbal Skills by Practicing Untimed

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Develop Strong GMAT Verbal Skills by Practicing Untimed

When people want to get faster at answering GMAT Verbal questions, one thing they typically do is start answering practice questions with a timer going. Now, there is clear value to doing timed practice later in your GMAT Focus prep. However, for much of your prep, timed practice is not productive.

In fact, people who do all their Verbal practice timed are often the same people who have the most difficulty with GMAT Verbal time-management on test day. Why? Because they haven’t given themselves time to develop strong skills.

If you aren’t skilled in a certain question type, then sure, you can answer those questions quickly, but you won’t answer many of them correctly. The truth is, the main reason you’re able to correctly answer a GMAT Focus question quickly is that you’ve got the concepts and strategies down pat.

Think about it: you didn’t learn to solve 5 + 10 in the blink of an eye by setting a timer and trying to will yourself to the correct answer. You spent many, many hours counting, doing basic addition, and practicing efficient strategies for combining different types of numbers—without a timer going.

Gaining speed in answering Verbal questions (or any GMAT Focus question) is no different. First, you have to take the time you need to become skilled and accurate. You have to carefully analyze every answer choice of every practice question without thinking about the clock. As your skills increase with practice, so too will your speed.

The best way to get faster at answering GMAT Focus Verbal questions is to become more skilled

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