Dalal Aldilaimi's Inspiring Journey to a 780 GMAT Score

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Dalal Aldilaimi’s Inspiring Journey to a 780 GMAT Score

“From the moment I started studying with TTP’s software, I was amazed by how simple and fun their program was.” - Dalal Aldilaimi, TTP student

So many GMAT students mistakenly think there is a “ceiling” on how high they can score on test day. The truth is, with perseverance and the right resources, ANY score improvement is possible. Dalal Aldilaimi’s story is a case in point: with the help of the Target Test Prep GMAT Course, she increased her GMAT score by 530 points, from 250 (Q7, V15) to 780 (Q50, V47).

In this live interview, Dalal discusses her GMAT study plan and techniques and how TTP’s course helped her achieve a massive 530-point improvement in her GMAT score.

Need some more inspiration to get you started? Check out Dalal’s debrief.

Please reach out to me if you have questions. Let's do this together!

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