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by Pranavb1302 » Thu Oct 08, 2020 9:50 am
An advertising agency argued that the quality of its client's product is perceived to have decreased because the client had pressured the agency to create a campaign which sacrificed the product's image in order to establish the product as a bargain.

Which of the following, if known to be true by the client and the agency, most seriously weakens the agency's argument above?

A) client will always switch advertising agencies when the perception of that client's product's value decreases.
B) The client has to give final approval for any advertising campaign an agency creates.
C) Perception of the quality of a product increases when the perception of that product as a bargain increases.
D) The perception of a product's price value increases when an advertising campaign is successful.
E) It is impossible to establish a product as a bargain without a decrease in the perception of that product's quality.