Cornell Johnson or UNC KF? ?Both with full scholarships

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Fortunate enough to be admitted to both Cornell Johnson and UNC Kenan-Flager full-time MBA programs with full scholarships. Admitted to Ross and Darden as well with no money but missed on the very top schools, and have decided that the difference between my admits is not big enough to justify paying $120k more. I can apply for the Dean's Fellows program at UNC (from what I've heard you are usually accepted if you apply); would be a Park Fellow at Cornell.

I have 4 years of marketing experience for F100 companies: 2 years at a big tech company and two years at a commercial bank. Looking to transition to management consulting after the MBA.

I grew up in California but have lived in NYC for the last two years. Post-MBA I am fairly open as far as location, although I do not want to move back to the West Coast. I do like NYC but the cost of living in Charlotte or somewhere similar (Johnson places some consultants in Pittsburgh for example) is appealing too. Consulting pay is the same regardless of location so that can make a big difference.

I have talked extensively with the presidents of the consulting clubs and heads of the career centers at both schools, so have a good handle on the consulting placement. Cornell does place a few more people at MBB each year, although UNC has very strong relationships with McKinsey and Deloitte. I like my fit and interactions with students at UNC a bit more, while Cornell is slightly higher ranked (16 vs 18, although some argue there is a "tier" between the two schools) and has the institution-wide prestige I don't think UNC can match.


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by CriticalSquareMBA » Tue Mar 08, 2016 8:17 pm
Hi there,

Congrats on your acceptances! I think Cornell is the best option for you. Given your goals and the network Cornell can provide, I think you'll be in great hands. Best of luck!
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