College selction basics..

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College selction basics..

by Indradeep » Wed Sep 24, 2008 10:59 pm
I had a very simple question and I belive this is what a lot of non US students, specifically Indian students would want to know:

When we are talking about making a college selction in terms of beign a good fit, what are the most important parameters to look for:

Lets start with the rank for various specializations. But what about after that?

Factors like location, class size, faculty strenghts, campus recrutiment, tuition fees are all within 10% range of one another. So if I can not visit campus, how do I select which college to apply?

I mean where do we start our research?

Just like a college identifies whether we are a good fit or not, even we need to identify which colleges are good fit for us.

Another point was that what is the source to find out, say the top 30-40 US colleges for MBA in consulting(engineering), IT/Marketing? If there is no such source, then how would we know which safe colleges to pick and would be the reason to pick that college?

Thanks a lot,