Alternate Working on Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights

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Alternate Working on Quant, Verbal, and Data Insights

You know that spaced-repetition is helpful for memory and retention. Research shows that it’s also helpful to alternate between studying dissimilar topics and/or concepts.

To vary your study routine effectively, consider rotating between different mathematical topics. Alternatively, for a more diverse approach, you could blend your sessions with quant, verbal, and data interpretation (DI) segments. For instance, dedicate an hour to quantitative reasoning, followed by a brief intermission. Then, transition to an hour of verbal exercises before another short break. Finally, allocate 30 minutes to DI practice. Alternatively, you might discover that your retention improves by breaking down your study periods into smaller increments. Try dedicating 30 minutes to quantitative problems, followed by a break, and then devote another 30 minutes to verbal exercises, concluding with DI practice.

Over time, you’ll get to know what time intervals suit you best. The key is to avoid study fatigue; keep your brain fresh, and you’ll be at maximum efficiency.

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