Best way to approach IR

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Best way to approach IR

by sidelinesk » Sun Apr 21, 2013 9:12 am

i have my GMAT in a week and i am stuck big time with IR questions.
I am taking approximately 2 min just to read every question. How do i overcome this?

What is the best approach for these types of questions. It would be really helpful if someone can guide me through.

Thanks a lot

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by digvijayk » Tue Apr 30, 2013 1:38 pm
Well the best advice would be... to not pay a lot of attention to them.

Here's why!

1. They don't count to the score of 200-800, that really matters.
2. Schools probably still don't have an accurate picture of where the IR score fits and what percentiles mean to them.

How to tackle IR ?

1. There are four types of questions. Pick 2 that you are comfortable with(focus on these by giving enough time to them to get them right). The other two that seem like alien stuff to you? Just know them enough to breeze through most of the questions. For example, I love excel sheets, hence I naturally like similar looking questions where I can actually sort things and stuff.
2. Know what the question types and variations are. Don't get surprised on G-day.

That's it. The secret is that if you get enough right, you will get a good score. And by enough I mean just focus on your two and don't try too hard on the others.

Another reason to not fry your brains on IR ? Because you need gas in your tank for quant and verbal! With GMAT it is never a warm-up session, if you work hard on IR, you melt down in the last hour!

Hope that helps. :)
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