Be Sure to Track and Identify Specific Weaknesses

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One crucial reason to spend time practicing GMAT Quant questions is to figure out which math concepts give you trouble. It’s one thing to understand the broad strokes of a topic and be able to solve straightforward example questions, but can you solve questions testing the topic in unfamiliar ways? Or questions testing less-common aspects of the topic?

To be prepared for whatever comes your way on test day, you must work to identify and address specific weaknesses. For example, saying “I struggle with work problems” is not as helpful as identifying the specific work concepts that cause trouble for you. Perhaps you’re good at combined worker problems in which each worker works for the same amount of time, but you have trouble with problems in which one worker stops before the other. By determining exactly which concepts you struggle with, you can more efficiently resolve those issues.

So, how do you identify your weaknesses? One great way is to use a GMAT prep course featuring a built-in error log. For example, the TTP GMAT Focus error tracker allows you to easily track the reasons you missed questions and categorize your missed questions by type. By tracking your errors in this granular fashion, you can easily pinpoint specific weak areas and identify your most common errors. In doing so, you create a blueprint for improving your Quant performance.

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