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Profile Eval?

by jplats » Thu May 29, 2008 6:03 pm

I would greatly appreciate an eval of my profile:

- Attended fairly competitive liberal arts college (though not a top 10)
- Double majored in English and Business
- Overall GPA: 3.8
- Received academic prize for being highest-ranking Business major

- 750 -- 89% Quant, 95% Verbal

- Been at same company (major nonprofit org) since graduation -- about six years
- Have had several promotions, and have directly supervised staff for the past two years
- One of my recs will be from my current boss

- I've long been involved with a separate, smaller nonprofit on a volunteer basis in various capacities -- currently serving on its fundraising committee
- I used to do some freelance writing on the side, but haven't for some time.

- I intend to stick with nonprofit post b-school -- I would like to ultimately attain a high-level leadership position at a nonprofit (COO, CEO, etc.), and feel that an MBA could give me the formal training and peer education in general management that would help me get there.

- Stanford, Harvard, Kellogg, Haas, Tuck

Would love an expert opinion as to whether these schools are realistically in my reach (particularly Stanford and Harvard) and any advice that would help me stand out further.

Thanks in advance!

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by VP_MBA_Guru » Fri May 30, 2008 8:43 am
Hi JP,
Thanks for your post!

Based on your profile, you have great credentials - particularly your high scores and solid leadership experience. I believe you are a strong candidate for the schools mentioned below - including H/S.

I would consider the following:

- As a non-traditional applicant (Non-Profit Mgmt), you want to emphasize your ability to handle the academic rigor of the program - particularly the quant work. You have high GPA/GMAT scores, so you are in great shape. But if possible, try to emphasize some of the analytical-oriented aspects of your job in your essays.

- In light of your 'non-traditional' background and post-MBA career goals, you want to show that you understand how the MBA will help you achieve your short/long term goals in non-profit. Here is where your research on the schools is very important. For example, discuss courses, clubs, events, activities you would get involved with and how they will help you in your post-MBA career. Also discuss how you would contribute back to the program (i.e. unique perspective in class discussions, leadership positions in related clubs, applying your managerial experience).

- In addition to your research... reach out to students/alumni at your target schools with similar interests/backgrounds. I find that social interest MBA clubs (i.e. Net Impact) are very supportive of prospective non profit candidates (they want more people with your background in their programs!). They would likely be a great source of information and guidance.

- Lastly, if you are planning to apply this year, try to get your applications in by R1.

Good luck!

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