B School suggestion for 10 years of Design Experience

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It would be of great help if you could provide me some advice, thanks in advance for your valuable time.

About me - Indian, Male, 33 yrs, Unmarried

Work Experience - close to 10 years of full time work experience as an apparel designer, currently holding (2.5 years) a leadership role of Heading Design for an Indian apparel brand with a team of 10 designers.

Work Exposure - My work location has always been in India, though I have travelled to China, Turkey several times and worked with manufacturers there for really short periods ( max a week )

Education - Post Graduation in Apparel Design from National Institute of Design, India & Graduation in Fashion Design, India

GMAT - preparing and planning to take during last week of May2020, expecting around 650

MBA and reason - 1 year MBA. Been on the creative side for a decade and have reached my saturation in design field, need a strong foundation to move towards business side.


1. Can I look forward for INSEAD, would they consider me with this profile, is there anything which I could do to make my profile better ?

2. Other options in my mind are, Europe - IMD, SDA, IE, HEC, & India - ISB, IIMA PGPX
Am I on the right track or missing something ?