As part of a joint process two museums - Museo metropolitano

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As part of a joint process two museums - Museo metropolitano (MM) and the Fundacion arte (FA)- have decided to require that exhitbits at each museum be directly connected to the strenghts of their permanent collections. MM's strngths are East Asian painiting, 19th century European paintaining, and the 18th century US painting and sculpture; the FA's strengths are 20th century US painting, 20th century jewelry, and art from 14th century South America.

In addition, MM's next exhibit must be devoted to something other than European or US art and be restricted to the 20th century. FA's exhibit must be devoted to art that is abstract, or at least art that is not fully representational (e.g. semi-abstract or semi representational) preferably including at least some art by US women.

For each of the two museums, select a work that could be included in that museum's next exhibit without violating any of its requirement for exhibits. Make only two selections in each column.

1. Large abstract sculpture by Louise Nevelson (female, US 20th C.) [MM or FA]
2. Representational woodblock prints by Hashiguchi Goyo (male, Japan, 20th C.) [MM or FA]
3. Semi representational painting by Paul Cezanne (male, France, 19th C.) [MM or FA]
4. Semi abstract, semi representational art Nouveau jewelry by Rene Lalique (male, France 20th C) [MM or FA]
5. Semi Representational painting by Yuan Chin-Taa (male, Taiwan, 20th C) [MM or FA]

Source: GMAT prep