Applying to R1 for 1 yr with GRE304(V150Q154) - 11 yrs Consu

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Hi Admitpitch

This is almost my first post on beatthegmat . I gave my GRE today in London and scored 304(V150 , Q154) . I have 11 yrs of experience in Consulting with companies like IBM, EY,KPMG , Tata Group , TCS . I am 35 yr old Indian male not IT .
Currently based out of London,UK and have extensive international experience. In my curent role I am a Business Partner ( Industry Vertical Leader )with our CPG and Distribution business for UK ,Europe and I .
I wanted to know if there are others with the same demographics who are keen to apply this year .
My target schools are
1. Stanford MSx
2. Kellogs 1 yr
3. Cornell 1 yr MBA
4. LBS
6. MIT Sloan
7. Oxford
8. Cambirdge

Could any of the experts kindly advice if this is a realistic expectation and what are the chances of getting through one of these .


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by AdmitPitch » Tue Sep 05, 2017 7:10 am
Congrats on the self-realization that you need for a management education at this point of your career. There is a small percentage of class at the business schools you mentioned who are older than 30. So, age should not deter to pursue your goals.

With the limited information shared here, looks like you have made progress with some of the leading organizations. As you are in a senior role now, you need to list down your career path post MBA. The admissions committee during the application process would like to see your motivation, road map and reasons for choosing their business school. Is there an option to go back to your employer post your MBA? Do explore this opportunity.

Some of the names you mentioned do make sense, provided you have other elements in your application in place. In addition, you can add 1-2 more programs from Europe. You need a good GRE/GMAT score. The current GRE score is not competitive enough.

I would also advice to visit some of these schools, talk to the admission committee about your role and potential opportunities in the area of your interest.
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by visnauti800 » Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:50 am
Thank you very much for your response . I have a clear motivation roadmap , where I feel that an MBA makes a lot of sense at this stage . Beacuse I haved reached a stage in my career where I am in the top 0.05%ile of my company and am the youngest Business partner in my industry vertical .
Generally this role is dawned by 50 + seniors .

The next stage which is the C- suite needs a different set of skills , which I feel I will imbibe through a B- school program and network .

I am not averse to a second attempt on the GRE and a GMAT , however knowing my schedule it will be very difficult to plan one before the deadlines . I intend to apply in R1 and R2 latest .

Please suggest if the score will play a bigger role , as I thought it gives a good view of my English and mathematics skills . My profile is what I feel is my biggest strength .

Please suggest the schools you were mentioning .

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