Any one has lead for good Admission consultant in Toronto?

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I am looking to apply for round 1 this year and have not prepared my applications yet need some immediate help of a professional in Toronto to help me get into a good B school.


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by Inventing Minds » Fri Jul 26, 2019 1:33 am
May I know why specifically you are looking for an admissions consultant in Toronto? Rather I would suggest you choose a good consultant from India - because you get the services at one-third the price as against service providers abroad. Secondly, since Indian students are in large numbers at leading b-schools across the globe, good Indian MBA Admission Consultants know very well how to build winning profiles. Thirdly working through skype calls is as good as talking over face to face in Toronto.

While choosing your Consultant you must see the past success stories - as also how good they are at portraying profiles. This is because what matters is not what you are but how convincingly you have been able to portray yourself before the adcom of your extra-ordinary attributes and your innate ability to bring about transformational changes for society. B-schools look for agents of change and not bookish learners.

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by [email protected] » Mon Aug 12, 2019 5:16 pm
Hey there, if you widen your net of kickass-consultants-who-can-help-me-get-me-into-a-top-b-school beyond Toronto, you'll end up with the world's best practitioners, and not just Toronto's best. Unlike getting a physical examination from your doctor, being in the same room as your expert isn't as valuable as connecting to the guy/gal with the brain and experiential bank of knowledge that can help you do what you need to do to advance your case. Phone, email, highly efficient, highly effective, and standard by now. Figure out your budget, and then shop around and then look for the most successful, talented advice-givers out there that suit your budget. Good luck!
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