Although sound moral judgment is an important characteristic

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Leader is the person who admire us by his hardwork and his attitude towards his work. Leadership consist of proper judgement and perseverence to the work to maintain his respect in the society. So I partially agree to the point that moral judgemnet is important characteristic of an effective leader but not as important as to maintain respect of his or her peers.

The leader gets respect when the society appreciates his or her hardwork. If the work his for the human mankind then he or she will be an aspiring leader to lead the development of people. For example, CM of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal has opened a clinics in every area for the healthcare and treatment to the people. This judgement of him makes him an effective leader.

Although there are some people who are wrong in their judgement but thinks that they are doing it best. The people like this need to think of people that wghether it is good for them or not. If its not then people will not admire him. So along with his judgment he or she needs to think of society and his respect in society that whether it will be good for them or not.

In conclusion, it all depends on leaders thinking that whether he his good in his judgment and if it is showing goodside of hisor her then it will help to mantain hisrespect in his society.