Admission Consultant working Pro-bono?

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Are there any Admission Consultants who have started out new and are willing to take deserving candidates pro-bono?

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by Inventing Minds » Tue Jul 23, 2019 4:01 am
It is impossible to find any admissions consultant working pro-bono - when you are spending 300 -400 $ per application and the total cost of MBA is more than 1 lakh $, it is foolish to save a few hundred $ on admission consultants and getting rejected from most b-schools.

Still if you wish to save on costs, there are several admissions consultancies which offer second opinion services at very nominal costs - you can avail of such services. Such expert opinion services cost around one-tenth of standard consulting packages.

Remember, the b-school essays are not about your writing skills - rather it is a way to figure out how unique and different you are from others.

Rather than going to one Consultant and paying an astronomical amount for editing essays, one should consult multiple consultants to gather the maximum possible diverse opinion - this will ensure application strategy is fool-proof since it is vetted by several experts.

While preparing your application, keep in mind these key points -

B-schools Look For Value Creators, Not Job Seekers.
What Matters The Most Is A Vision For Future, And Not Your Past Academic Successes.
Showcase In Your Applications What Difference You Can Make To The World.
Don't Describe Yourself Pove How You Are Different From Others.

By - Rituparna Roy Chowdhury
Admissions Consultant

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It depends. Were you being paid to work while you were doing this pro-bono work? If so this probably doesn't count. If someone is paying you (even if its not the client), then it is still pro-bono but not volunteering.