Admission Consultant Experiences

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Admission Consultant Experiences

by machichi » Thu Oct 04, 2012 12:55 pm
Hey there applicants! If you used an admissions consultant to help you in the process, I'd love to ask you to fill out this 5-10 minute survey about your experience. I'm hoping to use this data to help others understand what consultant companies have been able to do for people of different career, personal, and academic backgrounds.

Please complete this survey here.

Thanks for you time!
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by rautab » Sun Dec 09, 2012 4:22 am
After applying and getting dinged at various schools last year I decided to go for a admission consultant and after a lot of reserach decided to go for and I couldn't have done any better. One of the reason I choose them was because they are experts with indian applicants. Add to it a solid track record of getting more than 99% of the applicants admitted into their preffered MBA program you have a winner in my eyes.

Getting 7 interview invites from TOP 20 schools already combined with ISB speaks volume about the quality of work done by MBADream. I also got admitted into Vanderbilt Owen with more than 75% scholarship. I am thoroughly convinced that MBADream increased my chances many times over than if I had done it on my own considering I would fall under the most competitive applicant pools ever. My consultant's guidance and ability to see the best in me helped me realize my life long dreams. I would highly recommend MBAdream, especially to anyone that wants to differentiate themselves and compete for the most coveted business school acceptance letters