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I am Anurag from India. I have received an admit from Schulich School of Business, Toronto for their Schulich India MBA program.
I am unable to decide whether to go for it since I had earlier applied to their Business Analytics program and got through.

My concern is because of my limited work experience of two years, the good yet small track record of the Schulich India MBA program and the amount of investment involved.

Any advice listing pros and cons of doing an MBA at this stage of my career would definitely help.

Thanks in advance.


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by mbaMissionJenK » Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:46 pm
Hi there,

So you're saying you have the admit to Schulich India MBA, but were admitted to the Business Analytics masters in the past?? Overall, I think the most important thing to focus on is what your long term career vision looks like, and then work backwards and determine what degree will best help you with that!

We have some helpful career resources available at

And our Career Coaches even offer free consultations if that would help, at

Additionally, look closely at the employment statistics for either program and consider the investment vs likely next career steps, salary, and opportunity.
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