A List of Most Affordable Cities in Ireland for International Students

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Here we are sharing A List of the Most Affordable Cities in Ireland for International Students.

Ireland is a country with a reputation for academic excellence, a green landscape, friendly people, and a rich heritage. There are many benefits of studying in Ireland. The enormous opportunities available to international students makes it a popular destination for many students. The standard of education in Ireland is among the world’s best, with seven top-level universities and a focus on research and global collaboration.

The estimated cost of living in Ireland for a student for one academic year is €7,000 to €12,000 per year (6lakhs -10 lakhs INR). This includes rent, electricity, food, books, laundry, and medicine, as well as travel passes and social expenses, but excludes tuition fees.

Dublin, Ireland’s capital city is the most expensive city to live in, but Irish cities are very cost-effective places to live compared with other popular study destinations. In Ireland, there are both expensive areas and locations that have affordable housing options and a low overall cost of living.

Keep on Reading this article to know more about Most affordable cities in Ireland for International Students!

Benefits of Studying in Ireland - Key Reasons
Use of English language
Students can study in Ireland without IELTS or GRE
High-Quality Education
Affordable Education and Living
Safe and friendly
Better chances of Visa Success

Most Affordable Cities in Ireland for International Students

Galway ranks among the best places to live in Ireland. Galway offers a more quintessentially Irish experience and is generally regarded as a friendlier place than the capital. The minimum cost of a single room usually goes from € 420 onwards (37k-40k), an average of € 700 (60k)per month. Shared rooms typically run with a minimum of € 550 for each person.

Despite being a small city, Galway has different neighbourhoods suitable for students like Newcastle, Greenfields, Mervue, and The Claddagh. Students can expect their cost of rent to be around 33% lower than in Dublin. In general, the estimated cost of living is €1,200 to €1,850/month.(1lakh-4lakh)

For a simple lifestyle and nice riverside views, Waterford is a good option. Waterford is one of the most cost-friendly cities in Ireland. From a recent report, Waterford City has an average rent price of €1,067 (94k-95k) per month. This makes Waterford the least expensive city in Ireland for rent prices. In comparison, Dublin City Centre’s average rent price is €1,972.(1lakh-2lakh)

Limerick is an excellent option if you’re searching for a high standard of living at a more reasonable cost. During your hunt for accommodation, you will definitely find jaw-dropping and breath taken apartments.

The cost of living is lower than many Irish cities, yet the income levels are higher in Limerick than everywhere outside of Dublin – making this a good place to find a job. The average cost of living is 1100-1750 Euros/month (97k- 1.50 lakh)

If you are searching for an authentic big-city experience on a budget then, Cork may be a great match! Cork is the second-largest city in Ireland and the third most populous one.

The city has beautiful historic buildings, parks, and other amenities, and a famous shopping street. You can expect to pay €16 (1600-1700 INR) on average for a meal at a restaurant in Cork, making it €4 (300-400 INR)less than the same meal in Dublin. The average cost of living in Cork is €1,250 to €1,900/month (1.10 lakh-1.50 lakh)

Belfast is considered as an affordable city winning a number of accolades for its reasonable cost of living. You can save money and still get out and about too with the picturesque Botanical Gardens and the Ulster Museum just two examples of fun and free experiences in the city.

With two airports, it also has the best flight connections in Ireland outside of Dublin, a major positive for anyone looking to travel around the UK and beyond. Belfast is a top choice for international students for its friendliness and welcoming to visiting students. The estimated cost of living is 900-1500 Euros/month (79k- 1.32 lakh)

Most Affordable Cities in Ireland - Estimated Cost of Living
Dublin - 1 lakh-3 lakh INR
Cork - 1.10 lakh-1.70 lakh
Galway - 1lakh - 1.50 lakh
Drogheda - 1 lakh - 1.50 lakh
Limerick - 97k - 1.50 lakh
Dundalk - 97k- 1.10 lakh
Waterford- 92 k - 1.40 lakh
Belfast - 79k - 1.30 lakh
Derry/Londonderry - 75k - 1.10 lakh
Bangor - 70k - 1.10 lakh

Tips to Save Money while in Ireland
Research and Apply to the Scholarships
Look for Anything outside Dublin
Be Selective about food and rent
Book a Flight with a Student card
Search for short-term paid work

For students planning to study abroad, Ireland is one of the top choices because of the numerous advantages that it has to offer. These five Irish cities prove that you don’t need to choose between affordable living and a great education

So, In this article, we have tried to cover everything related to the Most affordable cities in Ireland! We hope you like this article! So, Begin your study abroad journey in one of these cities to reap the benefits of both!

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