$9.99 for MGMAT's Official Guide Archer - Jan. 18 to 24 only

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Hey Everyone,

I'm happy to announce that EXCLUSIVE for BTG members, you can receive Manhattan GMAT's Official Archer for only $9.99 - January 18 to 24, 2013 only.

According to our MGMAT point of contact:

"One common issue our students cite about the Official Guide for GMAT Review is that the explanations are not always as helpful as they could be. That's why we created the OG Archer - an interactive online tool that provides step-by-step approaches to every OG quant question. That's over 450 explanations! This tool allows you to submit answers, track your progress, and view detailed statistics based on your performance."

Buy now: https://go.beatthegmat.com/mgmatarcher

Beatrice Kim
Beat The GMAT