700 level question

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700 level question

by rushi5656 » Thu Jul 16, 2020 7:10 am



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According to life-insurance company statistics, nine out of ten alcoholics die before the age of seventy-five, as opposed to seven out of ten nonalcoholics. A recent report issued by the State Medical Board recounts these statistics and concludes that alcohol addiction increases a person’s susceptibility to life-threatening diseases, thereby reducing life expectancy.

The conclusion drawn by the State Medical Board depends on which of the following assumptions?

(A) People who are predisposed to life-threatening diseases are more likely than other people to become alcoholic.

(B) The statistics cited exclude deaths due to other alcohol related events such as automobile accidents.

(C) Alcoholism does not also increase a person’s susceptibility to diseases that are not life-threatening.

(D) The life expectancy of that portion of the general population not characterized by alcoholism increases over time.

(E) The author of the report is not biased in his or her personal opinion about the morality of alcohol consumption.