670 (47Q 35V) - Just wanted to share

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670 (47Q 35V) - Just wanted to share

by 334MBA » Sun Jul 06, 2008 8:00 am
Hopefully my AWA score isn't lower than 4.5.

I actually took the test 3 times before, but each was at least a year apart (630, 580, 650). Yesterday I got 670 - 85%. I'm not exhilarated but I'm pleased.

I guess I can't complain because my target was 680 (although I didn't realize 680 isn't even 90% nowadays). I thought Quant was very difficult and I ran out of time by the 25th question. I guessed quite a bit too. I was certain that I bombed it, but 47 is the highest I've ever received anywhere (years ago I ranged 38-42, this time around I've averaged 44). This time, I only used the Math Bible (and MGMAT for overlapping sets). I did the entire bible, marked the ones I was unsure about or got wrong, redo each of those and redo them again. It's interesting that every time I went back and redo the problems I would realize that last time I redid them I didn't really learn everything. Most of the problems weren't hard, but they reinforced my basics. I only looked at Prob/Comb/Perm questions once or twice, but never focused on them much. I also did one GMATFocus test and got expected scoring range of 44-49 with 80% confidence, so I guess it's a reasonable indicator.

Verbal was a killer too. My RC & CR hit rates from OG11 were quite high, but SC was lower. I got 38 on both GMATPrep CATs, so I was a bit disappointed to get a 35. I think I got 4 RCs on the test, last one being around question 32 and that totally threw me off because I was running out of time (which never happened before). I just found the whole verbal part very difficult compared to the GMATPrep. Lost of concentration played a minor role too.

I thought about retaking, but the thought quickly faded. I'm not targeting top 10 or I-banking/consulting, so I'm going to stick with what I have and focus on the application for Fall 2009.

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by medea66 » Sun Jul 06, 2008 6:35 pm
Wow, congratulations!!! That score is definitely not something to frown about. I'm also looking to retake the exam after a mind-boggling defeat. Also, when you say "math bible", are you referring to OG Math (green book)?