2nd year Bachelor Student in need of help for their future

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Hi everyone, My name is Milosh. I am currently studying in the Netherlands and I am a second year student that follows the bachelor course Econometrics at Erasmus University of Rotterdam. In the netherlands, bachelors take 3 years and Masters take 1 year. My goal is after having a quantitative bachelor background to move towards more business studies as my Master. Specifically I wish to work towards working in the M&A department or as a consultant and later receive an MBA. Right now I am struggling with this study and there is a rule that states that all exams must be passed before entering the third year blok 3. I have a low GPA and had a few medical issues but I am very engaged in extra curricular activities.

Now I have to take a year off just to pass 1/2 subjects and I wish to make the most use of this year, either doing fulltime board, starting my own business, following courses, GMAT exam. I dont want to end up being asked why did u take an xtra year and show that it is because of my incompetence. In general I would say that I would have around 40hours off free time a week if I focus on 1 subject every 2 months. Now my question is, given my potential interests and this situation, how can i make the most out of it? I feel constant under pressure of classmates competing and I wish to excel and improve myself. I wish to make the best out of this time and for my next bachelor year to overcome my weakness. It would be great to receive recommendations or opinions.

Thank you,
Milosh Laz