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I signed up to do the GMAT preparation with the Economis thinking I might want to do Biz school one day and now don't want to take the GMAT exam because I don't want to do an MBA anymore...

I froze it a while ago when I'd only used 1 week of my 3 month membership and done a few of the questions - would anyone like to buy the membership at a 20% discount? You can use my login and change the password once you're in, so it'll be all yours. It's normally $899 so a 20%+ discount = only US$699. Features:

- AWA, IR, Quant and Verbal
- 100 Ask a Tutor Questions
- 6 live 1 to 1 sessions
- 5 practice exams
- 5000 practice questions
- 3 months access

I signed up with the Economis because it's the best; really easy to understand. PM me if you're interested, happy to give you access before money transfer etc; not a scam, I'm just a ridiculously indecisive individual.

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by Shubham_Jain » Sun Oct 09, 2016 3:13 am
Still available?