Work Experience.

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Work Experience.

by UCwannabe » Sun Jun 01, 2008 9:48 am

I was hoping you could give me your honest opinion on my work background. My first full time job after graduating was in consumer banking as a personnal banker. For the past three years I have been working for the main regulatory body that monitors the stock market. My position is an Examiner. I travel to diferent securities firms and test their systems and look over their trading activity. Is this something that a B-School would be interested in? Also, I am trying to get a small, small business of the ground.


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by VP_MBA_Guru » Mon Jun 02, 2008 7:30 am
Hi UC,
Thanks for you post. MBA programs are interested in all professional backgrounds; from classic bankers/consultants to non-traditional fields such as non-profit, government - even professional athletes (had a couple in my class!).

The key is the quality of your experience (and how you sell it to AdCom).

What did you learn from the job? What skills sets do you use (i.e. leadership, team-work, analytical, creative). Were you successful in your job (i.e. promotions, bonuses, recognition)? How did you contribute to the growth/performance of the company?

Similarly, think about how you will use these skills to succeed in the MBA program and in your post-MBA career?


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