Please evaluate my profile

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Please evaluate my profile

by postgrad84 » Mon Jun 02, 2008 6:08 pm
Undergrad GPA: 3.63
Major: Finance/Economics (3.7 upper level GPA)
Fraternities Social Chairperson/ Recruitment Chairperson
GMAT: 710
Work Experience: 3 yrs with a Risk Consulting/Advisory firm specializing in business process improvement and finance transformation. *Promoted to Senior Consultant after 2 yrs.

I feel like my edge over other candidates is through my career I have gained knowledge of the entire infrastructure of businesses and how they run internally (not just one specific job function i.e Analyst). My career has given me the ability know the ins and outs of operations within a business environment and how to improve them. This aligns with my goal of joining the Operations side of a Private Equity firm.

I am aiming for a top 10 school, but would gladly accept admission to McCombs since I am a Texas native.

Please let me know what you think as well as any school suggestions you may have.

Thanks in advance.