Importance of Extra-curriculars In The Application

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Have you ever wondered why Universities like to know your extra-curricullar activities and involvement in social work, sports, adventure etc?
This is because of the age-old saying - All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And more importantly, imagination does not blossom unless you explore the diverse and difficult terrain of the real world.
Another aspect foreign University Admissions Committees weigh before selecting a candidate is what value a student can add to the class. Thus, those who are part of varied groups and multiple interests can bring new thinking to the class, which can broaden others' horizon.
As universities put a lot of emphasis on team learning, whereby participants share as also challenge each others ideas, beliefs and knowledge, extra-curricullar interests turn out to be a determining factor in not just the success of the student concerned but also of the entire academic batch. Hence, MBA application essays and statement of purpose should portray diversity of thinking among candidates.
While having a strong academic background is desirable for top university admissions, but having no real world experiences make such students bookish learners.
Our experience as MBA admission consultants has been all studies abroad aspirants concentrate only on past academic record and GRE/GMAT/SAT scores. However, they need to look beyond mere academic credentials and show your responsive nature to the planet outside. For, in this infinite world, what we learn in our curricullum is neglible compared to the wisdom we can gain by our active association to the earth we inhabit.
Therefore, all students should simultaneously participate in different activities - be it social, cultural, political, economic, sports, adventure - or for that matter any or every activity that interests you. Writing in your university application essays or statement of purpose how you could acquire a new vision and a different thinking pattern because of the wisdom gained through your diverse engagements prove that you are a holistic thinker and integrated learner. One can apply to the top 10 Univerisities even with average academic background and a not very high GRE/GMAT/SAT scores if applicants can prove they hold a really broad profile.

EVEN HIGHLY educated individuals can learn a lot from the illiterate! Sounds absurd, but true!
LEARNING NEW languages, exploring evolving technologies, finding new answers and understanding multiple cultures are the hallmarks of high achievers.
WISDOM IS neither knowledge nor education - it is an inner transformational enlightenment from diverse experiences.
TO BE a visionary, one needs to see not with his eyes but through the heart.
REAL EDUCATION is what we experience in the process of work and not what we learn in books.
WHAT DRIVES innovation is intellect and not intelligence.
PROGRESSIVE THINKERS are always dynamic and young at heart with little worries about failure possibilities.
ONE CAN'T become a great dancer by going to a dancing school. Passion is what matters the most.
PRACTISING PROFESSIONALS can be far better teachers than highly qualified professors.
THE REAL human resource managers are entrenpreneurs who create wealth and opportunities through strategic utilization of manpower.
THE THRILL of spearheading a startup is very much like raising a child.
MASTERING THE art of not losing calm, composure or restraint is a key attribute of progressing ahead in life.
SHOULD A younger workforce be preferred over experienced employees?
WISDOM IS neither knowledge nor education - it is an inner transformational enlightenment from diverse experiences.

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by georgesmithee » Sun Oct 20, 2019 8:23 pm
How do I find a balance between the extra-curricular activities?