USD vs UCSD vs SDSU...Work Will Pay For SDSU

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03 Sep 2010
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USD vs UCSD vs SDSU...Work Will Pay For SDSU

Post Fri Sep 03, 2010 11:06 pm

My question: If accepted, why should I go into debt to attend USD or UCSD when my work will pay for about 90% of the SDSU cost? I don't know if it's just me not wanting to go back to the same CSU school for my MBA or what. Am I being unreasonable with myself? Is that debt burden worth it? I really like San Diego and plan on staying here as long as I can, so I figure that I'd have better connections by going to USD or UCSD--connections in SD as well as possibly all of CA.

I just started studying the GMAT with the intention to apply to the 3 above-mentioned schools. I got my undergrad in Finance from SDSU, but I think my best fit would be USD and I'd really like to go there because of its reputation around SD. My issue is that my work will pay for SDSU (barely) but I think USD or UCSD would probably be a better choice for their reputations and connections.

I'm not too sure about UCSD b/c I've read that they are much more geared toward the tech, bio, and medical industries. I work in contracts for the government, so I don't really have any reason to go that path. I think the UCSD MBA program has made some changes recently though, possibly toward a more broad MBA program, which I would like. This is something I'll have to confirm here soon.

The emphasis I would probably choose would be in Finance, of which I think the best program would be at USD.

As for SDSU, I'd also already receive credit for the 7 required core classes (since I graduated with Finance), which would only leave 30 more units to complete. The price difference here is $60,500 USD vs about $17k for SDSU. Using my business acumen and acting as if I'm a prudent buyer, how can I consider this reasonable?

Is USD worth the $43,500 premium? It's ranked #26 but is the program that stellar that I should go there over SDSU? USD will take more time and money for sure, but I bet their alumni network and connections are significantly better.

Please help, I need some motivation so I can BEAT THE DAMN GMAT!

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Post Tue Oct 19, 2010 6:52 pm
Honestly.. if you want to stay in SD, SDSU would be fine. USD would probably be better if you wanted to move around the west/SW region.

Its all about the alum network.. and alot of higher ups in SD have SDSU in their resume.. which means you become part of their network. IF you plan on moving out of SD, SDSU won't get you far on name alone... if you have good experience, then you should be able overcome the fact that you have SDSU on your res.

Trust me, an MBA from Joe Schmoe state will still get you a good job as long as you have experience to back it up. My company is fortune 500 and one of our new global directors has an MBA from a 2nd tier school in the midwest... he is now in corporate on the east coast.

I would choose SDSU... especially since you are getting it at a bargain.

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