Ten Rules For Resume

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Ten Rules For Resume

Post Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:59 pm
I found such an usuful article at http://www.mba-world.org/ Hope you will enjoy it as well!
There are some things that should not be written in documents. There is the same set of rules for resume. So, here are 10 things you cannot write in resume.
1. Invent nothing. This includes inventing your achievements, level of responsibility and your abilities. In addition, it is dishonest, who will evaluate your resume, can learn about it (for example, if contact with those who gave you a recommendation or will check the facts), and then you will lie, and then you cannot see the business school, and possibly your job.

2. Do not turn your resume into an autobiography. Your resume will include biographical information, but its main purpose - to concentrate on those aspects of your life and career that makes you an ideal candidate for this business school, and appeal to the needs of potential employers. Do not turn back the information about the school and early childhood.
3. Do not list personal information. This includes marital status, height, weight, race, religion, or other information not relevant to the work. Besides the fact that it does not matter, these data can still be used illegally to discriminate against you.
4. Do not include a separate line “goal” in the beginning of the summary (see paragraph 1).
5. Do not use heavy verbal constructions. They take up precious space, distract from the main idea, and reduce professionalism.
6. Do not get carried away the same verbs. There are more verbs in the world than “developed” or “managed.” Think about the word “accelerate”, “run,” “founded”, “built”, “implemented”, “initiated” or “reorganized.”
7. Do not forget the dates. Even a functional resume should include the dates when you worked at some point, even if they are just at the very end.
8. Do not use long paragraphs to describe your accomplishments. If you need to pass a lot of information, use unnumbered list instead of a long wordy paragraphs. Each list item is better limited to two lines of text, and do not use more than five points to one position.
9. Do not use platitudes like “dynamic” or “organized”. Instead, use the details of your resume to show that you actually own these qualities.
10. Do not turn your resume into a list of job responsibilities. Instead, list your responsibilities under the positions.

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